The rising importance of using Visitor Management Systems in different facilities

There is no doubt in the fact that facilities and organizations are facing more security threats today than ever. A number of security breaches caused by mismanaged entry of strangers within the premises of important buildings are reported every day. Some of these security breaches end up in extremely unfortunate incidents which raise severe questions regarding the efficiency of an organization’s security. Visitor Registration System is being used extensively and worldwide for the prevention of any such accidents. Apart from offering a greater degree of organizational security, Visitor Management Systems are also highly helpful in maintaining a proper track of all the visitors inside any facility. Visitor Registration Systems are rapidly transforming organizational security at various levels and here’s how they hold such an immense importance:

·      Visitor Registration System to enhance school security:

The world has seen a misfortunate wave of increased school threats. From the increased degree of school kidnappings to campus shooting incidents, the list of grim incidents goes on and on. Investigations so far have pointed towards mismanaged entry of visitors and poor security systems as the cause of these incidents. So what can be done? The answer to it lies in the installation of Visitor Registration Systems inside the facilities. It is proven by statistics that the integration of Visitor Registration Systems with visitor scanning systems makes a perfect shield against any security breaches inside schools.

·      Visitor Registration System to enhance hospital security:

Just like schools, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are also highly susceptible to accidents caused by invaders. The best strategy a hospital can manipulate for the prevention of such incidents is the installation of Electronic Visitor Management Systems. The hospital management can also integrate this system with pre-scanned block lists of visitors in order to prevent the entry of any threatening visitors inside the visitor. The use of security cameras and barcode scanners is also helpful in keeping a track of several entrances of visitors inside a healthcare institution.

·      Visitor Management system to enhance workplace safety:

Dozens of outsiders visit large corporations and offices on daily basis. Not all of them can be checked and scanned by traditional visitor logging methods. The guests can be issued with special Visitor Badges which come with expiry dates in order to prevent guests overstay. Likewise, unauthorized and prohibited personnel can be denied access to your facility or from laying their hands on your property. In this way, Visitor Management Systems help in maintaining a good level of organizational security.

·      Visitor Management system for improving child safety:

Two of the major security threats faced by children in schools and daycare facilities include unauthorized child custody and child predators. The integration of Electronic Visitor Management Systems with pre-scanned predator registries will help in keeping the predators away from the children. Likewise, only verified custody can be granted to authenticated visitor badge owner in order to prevent any hostage situations. In both of these cases, Visitor Badges are matched with pre-scanned registries of Visitor Registration Systems in order to determine the permission of entry to visitors.