Tips to select the best Visitor Management solution for your organization

Visitor Management Solutions are surely thriving all over the world at a rapid rate. There is no surprise in their expanding acceptance, all thanks to the features which come along with Visitor Management Systems. Whether you are running a large corporate organization or an educational institution, your facility’s security shall be you’re a first and foremost priority. Unfortunately, as the world advances, so do the crimes and no one can rely on traditional log-books for visitor tracking anymore. The solution to this rising concern is available in the form of Electronic Visitor Management systems. Although the selection of a Visitor Management system may seem like a trivial task, it requires a good deal of insight. Here are some tips which can help you in selecting the best Visitor Registration System for your organization:

Determine your guest needs:

As the owner of an organization or a public services facility, it is inevitable for you to face an influx of outsiders on daily basis. It is obvious that manual entry of all the visitors is not sufficient enough to prevent the ever-prevailing security threats faced by every facility. Before you select a Visitor Management system, it is important to determine your guest needs.

  • Electronic Visitor Management systems offer guest records whereas the traditional Visitor Management Systems do not offer the feature of guest record keeping.
  • Likewise, if you only want to allow your guests to stay in your facility for a specific period of time, consider getting Visitor Badges with expiry dates. For simpler visits, usually, Visitor Badges without any expiry date do well.

Evaluate your budget:

The last thing that you want to face is disrupting your facility’s budget in an attempt to buy a Visitor Management system. Before purchasing a Visitor Registration System, make a quick market survey and check out all your available options. Evaluate your needs and check the availability of Visitor Management Systems within your affordable range. Opting for additional cameras, barcode and card scanners shall also be done if it falls under your budget range.

Know your options:

Visitor Management Systems serve much more functions than just visitor tracking.

  • There are staffed Visitor Management Systems in which your employer will be basically acting as a receptionist and guiding the visitors all through the process.

Check system versatility and compatibility:

Visitor Management Systems functionality depends upon its compatibility with your needs.

  • If you want Visitor Management Systems for one site only, you will have to opt for non-expiring Visitor Badges and surveillance of passage points.
  • If multiple site Visitor Management is in question, you will have to invest a bit more than the previous option as you will be choosing for several cameras extended system and visitor badges with expiry dates.