Custom Preferences

Visitor Login has customization options like custom fields with option to turn on/off, user permissions to different employee in an organization, visitor’s name text, add contact manually, and import contacts via XLS, Active directory integration, Password protection to get to setting library and more.


This title could change by companies’ needs like: Visitor’s name , Employee’s name, Add Logos or create and edit any custom field that you please. There are options to add hide or remove fields in this view.

You can completely customize the Log In experience using our easy to use features. This ensures that the log in process is quick and easy to use but also specific to your business goals and needs.


Customise your customer’s needs: customising welcome Text, Fonts, add or remove any fields, email notification text, and so much more. If you need the software features modified to suit your needs, contact us.

Customization can further be done with our internal team. We can create or adjust VIsitor Login Software to work with all of your business processes and procedures.