Instant notifications enable you to keep track of your visitors when they arrive at your facility. You could be in a meeting or performing your daily tasks but you will automatically know when your visitor arrives regardless of what you are doing.

When visitors sign in, an e-mail notification goes to the e-mail goes to the employee e-mail box to notify them that their appointment has signed in.


Automatically send an email to the employees email address with appointment schedule, location and visitor’s information

This could also be customized to add any additional field or features. Safety or company specific options can be added so that visitors are prepared for their meeting with the right equipment or security clearance.


Option to input visitor’s vehicle information for parking enforcement, safety and compliance purposes.

Visitors will know that their car will safe and secure if there is every an emergency that arises. This allows your company to enforce any parking issues with unknown vehicles on your premise as every visitor will have their vehicle recorded.