Understanding the latest Electronic Visitor Management Systems

Visitors are an inevitable part of any business organization or service institutions. You cannot run a business without having to face a continuous influx of visitors; some of which are familiar while the rest are complete strangers. Electronic Visitor Management Systems are one-step-ahead into the various attempts made for enhancing the security of any building. You can expect the latest Visitor Management Systems to enhance your organization’s worry-free productivity as well as security. Here is a brief introduction to Electronic Visitor Management Systems and their importance:

What is Electronic Visitor Management System?

Electronic Visitor Management Systems is actually an advanced form of log-books. These systems are used to effectively manage the influx of visitors into any institution by tracking their visits. These are basically electronic forms of traditional visitor sign-in sheets or log-books formerly used in many facilities. With a Visitor Management System, gone are the days when the organization’s management had to go through the troublesome log-books to keep a record of all the visitors. Now the institutions can efficiently track the visitors once they step into a facility by using the latest electronic management systems.

What are its various components?

Visitor Registration System software:

This is a compulsory component of every Electronic Visitor Management System. The users have to install Visitor Registration System software in order to efficiently track and record all the visitors which move in and out of the facility grounds.

Visitor Badges printer:

This component plays a role in printing the Visitor Badges once the visitors are enrolled in the Visitor Management System software. The printer is directly attached to the Visitor Management System computer.

Optional components:

Card scanners, barcode scanners, and cameras are optional components of Visitor Management Systems. Depending on the level of Visitor Registration System efficiency and security which you require, you can choose from these items to be incorporated into your Electronic Visitor Management System.

How does a Visitor Management System work?

The most striking advantage of using an Electronic Visitor Management System is that it eliminates the need for manually writing the log-books in order to track visitors. It works in the following way:

  • Visitors are signed by using a computer which is connected to a Visitor Management System.
  • When a visitor arrives, he/she provides his/her name to the receptionist.
  • The receptionist enters these names in the Visitor Management System
  • A temporary visitor badge is printed as a result and it is given to the customer for efficient racking.
  • The visitor badge is to be carried by the visitor during the course of his/her visit.
  • Upon leaving the institution, the visitor returns his visitor badge to the receptionist.
  • The receptionist then logs out the visitor from the institution’s Electronic Visitor Management System.

The importance of the Visitor Management System:

Visitor registrations systems have become an integral component of any institution’s security which deals with a continuous influx of visitors on daily basis. This system enhances the facility and protects it against any security breaches. In case of any accidents, the culprits can be easily identified by their Visitor Badges and caught within time.