Electronic Visitor Management system Vs Manual entry books: What to prefer and why?

Electronic Visitor Management systems have revolutionized the visitor management methods in various organizations. With the increase in the dispersal of information regarding the many benefits of Electronic Visitor Management systems, organizations are rapidly shifting from conventional manual entry book systems to latest Visitor Registration Systems. There is no doubt in the fact that Visitor Management systems are a complete package which ensures that only known pupil with definite Visitor badges is allowed to enter the premises of any organization or facility.

Here is a quick comparison between Electronic Visitor Management systems and manual entry books to give you an idea as to why the former shall be preferred over the latter:

1.  Security concerns:

Unlike the manual entry books which can be easily misplaced and deceived, the Electronic Visitor Management systems are much more secure and safer to defend your organization’s security on. In manual entry books, there is an increasing chance of entering inaccurate information by the visitors. The manual records are liable to theft, misplacement, loss as well as changing of information. On the other hand, there is no such case in Visitor Management systems. These systems not only store accurate information but also use it in time of need for verification of visitors.

2.  Accuracy and trustworthiness:

Visitor Management systems are much more reliable and accurate as compared to the manual entry books. With electronic Visitor Registration Systems, there are fewer chances of errors and false record-keeping as compared to the manual entry books. The accuracy and trustworthiness of Electronic Visitor Management systems are due to the fact that these systems feature visitor records as well as pre-registration.

3.  Pre-registration:

Visitor Management systems eliminate the need for entering credentials over and over again. Unlike the manual entry book in which the visitors have to write their details every time they visit your organization, the electronic Visitor Registration Systems pre-register the visitors after one-time filling of details. This feature not only saves time but also streamlines the visitor’s experience in your facility.

4.  Efficient monitoring:

Visitor badges are given to guests in Visitor Management systems whereas, no Visitor badges are given to visitors using manual entry books. This step further ensures that the guests can be monitored and identified by company workers at all times. Visitor badges are an efficient way of streamlining visitor experience as well as help in proper identification of guests.

5.  Long-lasting impact:

Visitor Management systems hold visitor records, cross-match every visitor against specific checklists, authorize access to only known members and ensure that no guest stays more than his allotted time inside the premises of an organization. These features have long-lasting impacts on the brand image as well as client services of any company. There is no chance of Visitor Management system records to be lost, faulty or damaged.

In conclusion, Visitor Management systems are surely a good choice to be preferred over traditional entry books. You can count on their various features for long-lasting advantages.