1. What is Visitor Login?

Visitor Login is the intelligent visitor management software that offers you a new era of visitor registration book, which contains parking enforcement option, follow-up email to notify the hosts that there’s a visitor waiting, print
and stick the non-adhesive name badge for every visitor that the hosts can easily recognize them. Then all data will be stored locally to enhance the level of security, which make your visitors’ information more personal and privacy.

2. Why do I choose Visitor Login?

Visitor Login provides you the most secure level and environment to prevent all your data from being compromised. Only four steps (or less, it depends on your customization) your visitors will be prepared to meet up with you, it decreased their waiting time and recognize them easily from their printed non-adhesive name badges. It is easier and simpler to organize and manage your visitors, for any organizations and companies, in an effective and efficient way.

3. Why have I not received my employee email notification?

It is a common case that people have the experience of using the POP or PUSH service. Because it may take a lag time to go through your email server or spam filter. Please be sure to double-check the incoming emails and this will expedite the time and process.

4. Can I terminate the contract anytime when I’ve purchased Visitor Login?

Visitor Login with monthly plan has no contract, which allows you to cancel or request the services in any time. If you deny for the services, just be make sure follow the 30 days notice in advance of cancellation agreement, you can.

5. What is the technical support about?

Our technical supports services offers you any technical problems when using Visitor Login and its services, we will provide you solutions and feedbacks in time. Moreover, you can request special customize features only for your organizations and companies. Also, we provides you licensing Visitor Login on cloud services, but also allows you to get update authority and use the latest version for free in the first time.

6. What are the differences between Monthly plan and Perpetual licence?

Technically, there is no difference between these two plans, we offers you the full version with all features. However, monthly plan allows you to use the licensed Visitor Login monthly, after the period of time, Visitor Login will no longer function unless renewed the plan. Perpetually plan will allow you to use indefinitely, which means the perpetual license entitles you to download all updates to the Visitor Login and receive technical support from us.

7. What information will be covered in follow-up email?

The follow up email will be covered with the sign-in time, the visitor name, the location, the host’s name, and the email address. You can customize the text in subject and content message.

8. What can I do if the Visitor Login doesn’t work?

The follow up email will be covered with the sign-in time, the visitor name, the location, the host’s name, and the email address. You can customize the text in subject.

9. Where can I find out more about Visitor Login and your company?

Please feel free to email us at sales@visitorlogin.com, our customer representative would be glad to answer all your questions. Visitor Login is designed by PCI Services Inc., which is a company, offers the optimum in quality computer products and services and the highest levels of customer care.