Intelligent Management

Visitor Login’s intelligent reporting features allow you to make important business decisions like increased staffing during busy periods. Reporting also provides important information like visitor types, purposes of visit, how many times a visitor was at the facility, etc.


Smart view offers graphical view of visitors in last 24 hours, 12 month and year to date. The charts are clickable allowing you to drill down to get the information you need.

Find out who and why people come. If there are seasonal changes or get historical data on events or campaigns.


View all of the daily today’s visitors in a single screen. See how many have signed out and how many are stilled signed in. You can sign out visitors who are no longer at the premises from this view.

Identify the volume and time of your daily visitors. Make data driven decisions based on the volume and peak period.


Report gives you valuable analytics on the current report to review with any range of date and a variety of available filters.

Create your own custom data and filter the information of your visitors based on these data sets. It allows you to fully customize the visitor analytics process and use this information to make business decisions.