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About Visitor Login?

You and your business have changed for the 21st century – what about your visitor management system? Close the illegible, inconsistent, oft-forgotten visitor book and introduce your company and staff to the secure and responsive visitor management system. This digital and flexible software solution seamlessly integrates with your own existing email servers without storing information on an unknown cloud server elsewhere. Your entire information system sits in your network under your watch. Eliminate work and human error by having the system automatically alert employees when their visitors sign in.


What is Visitor Login?

Something never change or should never change like customer service. We stand for changing the way the world has looked at business. Waiting in front of reception desk is OVER. We value our customer’s time. We will direct of first impression of your work place with nice and easy smart Visitor Login.


Why is Visitor Login?

Visitor Login is intelligent visitor management software that provides an efficient and effective reception system service.

Visitors need to sign in and sing out with an option of parking enforcement when they are allowed to visit your organization and company. System will take a picture and instantly print a badge with that photo, the name of the person they are visiting to easily recognize their visitors, and then sends a follow-up email to you and visitor. Visitor Login offers private visitor records can eliminate an invasion of privacy, when everyone who comes to your office can see the name of and information about everyone who comes to your office.

Visitor Login provides the most secure environment to protect your files and data.

Protecting physical and digital assets is of paramount importance for any company. Visitor Login uses local-based data service which provides the most secure environment to protect files and data from being attacked and shared in 24/7. It can reduce bugs and virus being affected on the cloud.

Visitor Login enables you to export detailed reports in need of time.

Visitor Login has solutions for your organization and company by offering 3 ways to review the visitor volume. It instantly generates detailed day-to-day, monthly, yearly (within past 3 years) and YTD total reports and allows you to retrieve data in any given period of time. Compared to use handwritten visitor log, Visitor Login provides you the most convenient and accurate way to read and sort all visitor entry data.