What to look for in a Visitor Management system for your organization?

A Visitor Management system is essentially one of the most important components of any organization’s security system. The integrity of your organization, the safety of the workers as well as the people presents inside it, your brand image and your reputation; everything lies greatly upon your Visitor Management system. Given this immense importance of Visitor Management system, it is your duty to take good care in its selection. Here’s everything which you need to look for while selecting a Visitor Registration System:

1.   Personalized check-in process:

Not every visitor entering your organization has the same check-in needs. For instance, if a person is a guest to your organization or simply a candidate for a job interview, all you need to ask from him is his name, contact information, company name and email. He may also be required to sign a visitor badge agreement in order to show his consent to wear the visitor badge within the organization’s premises. On the other hand, a courier man willing to deliver a documentation will only need to give his name and company name. A customized check-in process will help you in either case by adjusting the requirements as per the situation.

2.   Multiple channels for notifications:

Another feature of Visitor Management system is that it sends notifications to the personnel present inside the organization that the visitor has come to see. Usually, the receptionist is responsible for sending a notification to the host person through iPad or any other device. A great Visitor Registration System shall allow sending of notifications via various channels such as Slack, email or text messages etc. In this way, the receiver can be notified about the guest’s arrival through his preferred notification service.

3.   Communication:

A great Electronic Visitor Management system shall be able to allow two-way communications. In situations where a receiver has to inform his guest client about any delay in the meeting, a two-way communication allows the transfer of messages between the two parties.

4.   Message forwarding:

In situations where a person to be notified is not present, a second person has to be informed. Likewise, if a second receiver is not present, the third person has to be informed. An Electronic Visitor Management system which allows two-way communication for backing up the notifications shall be preferred over the one which does not.

5.   Legal agreements:

A high-quality and reliable Visitor Management system has to be backed up by legal agreements such as NDAs. This ensures that the visitor data is protected against any breaches and privacy invasions.

6.   Digital visitor log and Badge printing:

A good electronic Visitor Registration System shall be able to offer digital visitor log. This helps in quick assessment of all the visitors in times of need. Similarly, the Electronic Visitor Management system shall also be able to print Visitor badges instantly after the information is fed into the system.

A Visitor Management system which encompasses all the above-mentioned qualities is surely the one to use for your organization as it has the ability to fulfill all the visitor registration needs.